babysage: (sneakysneaky)
Kotaro Mochizuki ([personal profile] babysage) wrote in [personal profile] yaycapitalism 2012-01-22 01:31 pm (UTC)

IC Saturday afternoon

Okay he was going to be brave. His brother wasn't here but he would want him to be brave until he came and rescued him. And that would happen, there was no doubt in Kotaro's mind, his brother always rescued him. He had gotten changed into the uniform and read a little bit of the book they had give him. Not much though because it was a big boring and Kotaro wanted to explore!

He had done so, sticking to the shadows, staying under shade as much as he could so the sun didn't hurt him. So far it was working!

He saw the shop and pushed open the door grinning as he saw the things on display. "Hello!" He greeted the shopkeeper happily.

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