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Name: Elle
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Other characters: Nanami.


Name: Recette Lemongrass
Age: 13
Canon: Recettear: An Item Shop's Tale
Canon point: Day 37, loop 5 or something.

Recette is a ditz-type thirteen-year-old in a generic JRPG who ends up a pretty decent shopkeeper when all's said and done.

Oh, you need more than that. Fine.

Recette is still a ditz. She's chirpy and airheaded and tends to good-naturedly whine or joke in equal amounts with friends and strangers alike. She befriends all and sundry, whether they like it or not, and no matter how frustrating someone might be, she'll still help them at the drop of a hat or invite them back to her shop any time. This extends to secretive, alcoholic thieves, snooty magical brats and even towering dark demon lords met in the town square at night. The customer isn't always right, but they're definitely always welcome.

She's been through some serious hardships, living alone and with the threat of being evicted onto the streets at any moment should she not pay back her father's debts, but you'd never know it to look at her. Her disposition remains eternally sunny, and her sincerity and joy shine through every second of the day. She's not exactly a complex person, really. She learns well and aims to please, with a middling intelligence and a good memory, but she's childish and immature (as expected of a child her age) and prone to flights of fancy. Even so, she can sometimes appear to be more mature than she really is, with moments of startling insight amongst her childish exclamations and obsession with sweets.

Name: Tear

Form: Mace

  • Rules Lawyer
  • Light Element
  • Durability Boost
  • Defense Boost
  • Forcefield

Lost memories:
  • the base price of walnut bread
  • her underwhelming reunion with her father
  • the names of her adventurer friends
  • that you buy the best doughnuts in town from a butcher's
  • how to wash your face
  • her father's name
  • that Tear is/was a loan shark
  • how to fuse items
  • how to greet customers
  • that you buy low and sell high