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Link Charm set40 R
Memory Charm40 R
PDA Upgrade: audio/video10 R
PDA: discount for those buying on the day they arrive8 R
PDA Upgrade: discount for those buying on the day they arrive7 R
Power Ring15 R
Weapon one use only10 R
Parasol6 R
Chocolate Bar3 R
Instant Ramen2 R

Special Offers!
Pizza60 R
Sopor Slime sachet20 R
Dreamboat Pendant 12 R


Remember: you can sell anything back to us at half the listed price! :) If you can't find the price, ask me! - Recette.Don't see what you want on display? Order now at the counter!
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[personal profile] catpaw 2012-01-25 12:43 am (UTC)(link)
"Seven... I have ten." Two pills wouldn't even last her a full 24 hours. Close to it, but not quite. She thinks of how she can stretch it, but finds there's not many ways to do it. ...It's expensive here like it was back home. She looks at her raks set across the counter and pushes seven of them forward.
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And she lights up once again. There is a small smile on her face. She is so overwhelmingly grateful. "I need some for every day... so that's a much better price... thank you. Thank you very much. Can you ring them up now? Please, and thank you."
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"I'll remember this, and that too. ... Thank you. I'm grateful." She takes the bag, opening a package and taking a pill straight away before walking out of the shop.